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Title: Playing this game again after a while :-)
Post by: spacefractal on April 10, 2015, 05:56:57 PM
Recently im got played all level again on my iPad 3, and im still proud what we did since that. Of course im did found few issues, but nothing gamebreaker.

- In the pinball level. After you lost all your balls, its actuelly possible to move all the way up to the playfield without the plunger. When inside, then you stuck.

This is a fun bug, and thinks very few will try that one. This also took some tries to do this.

- Im just got my Mogo controller today and played it again with it. Here its would been nice if Waga could been moved analoge, but not required. Its was designed as 100% digital input. Howover you cant use analoge up/down in the menues, but the digital pad works there. Strange.

- Could been fun if camera and controls could update 60fps for more precision, but rest of the game (include wagga could still been 30fps as its designed to been 30fps). Just a idea. Nothing to been implemented :-).

None of the issues do require a update. Just to mention im still like the game, even its free without ads. If its ever come to example OSx, then the game could show more of the graphics, also zoom out about double. In that way, none of the graphics would been look "blurry". Its does still look nice with iPad 3 retina.

PS. Now im have the glbasic source code, im will look on MFI game controller support for three of the games (Greedy Mouse, Karma Miwa and CatchOut).
Title: Re: Playing this game again after a while :-)
Post by: Flash on April 10, 2015, 07:06:13 PM
I found the pinball bug not so long ago, and you are right, it is fun... lol

With the controller, I did toy with using analogue controls and went as far as implementing it, but... this messed up the control of Wagga slightly so decided to keep it digital like the original code.

Regarding 60fps. I have a separate version that runs at 60fps. but, it breaks a LOT of things regarding the physics and I have never got round to fixing them. I am not sure it is worth it?

As for Jungool, yes. It was a great game and even though it never set the world on fire, it is something we can all be proud of. it is a game where every level offers a different challenge and keeps the player on their toes - a personal love of mine (because they took 6 months to perfect) are the Hunters and their ability to hunt you down. It is certainly a game that deserved more attention than it did.... And, it had bloody awesome music!!!!! (the album has never left my phone)
Title: Re: Playing this game again after a while :-)
Post by: spacefractal on April 10, 2015, 08:37:32 PM
The game can been 30fps it's self. I'm was thinks moving camera and Eventuelly wagga in 60fps, but rest of the game can still been 30fps (include physical).

It's same kinda how many amiga games worked.

Yes I'm still hear the album here and there. I'm will property soon let full music on my site. The game and music is no secret anymore. I'm do mention how to extract the music files from the ipa which was fully tagged.

Yes the hunter is bloody annoying (in good way mostly. It'd only a issue in misty jungle, where they can been very hard, due you can't see them because unnecessary camera zoom too far in).

Yes sometimes that camera should not try to restrict screen area, which can been bad and im also see that in balders too. However there could been two zoom style (see other thread).