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Author Topic: My Third Game: Spot Race  (Read 1628 times)


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My Third Game: Spot Race
« on: September 03, 2014, 08:22:30 AM »

This time its a different game (its a "short of time" game). Its is just a simple puzzle game, where you tap on two images to create a circles.

A binary have been uploaded to iTunes Connect (iOS), a game in around nice 7.5mb size. When the binary got accepted, then im will upload a Android version to Google Play.



Its would been nice to check the page for spelling, grammer etc.

PS. Yes my real name and copyright is in the game, its on the loading screen. Im diddent want to clutter to much this time on the main screen.

PPS. Yes its uses the same font editor used for the Windoze Solitaire game. Im noticed it on thier homepage, hehe. Its was pretty simple to support the format, much better than glbasic own font system.
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