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Author Topic: Manic Miner in the Lost Levels  (Read 13981 times)


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Manic Miner in the Lost Levels
« on: October 27, 2009, 10:58:38 PM »

We are proud to present the release of MMLL!

For all infomation and download, please visit : -


PS. Happy birthday Stuart Campbell (released with 1.5 minutes to spare!!)

This game is a collaboration of Flash (ASM Coding), Headkaze (Coding Support), Lobo (Graphics), Spacefractal (Music), Sverx (libXM7 music system), and Rev.Stu (Concept, Research & Story) and has been the culmination of 3 months tireless work.

The game contains 20 levels taken from versions of the game that you may never have seen, and also 10 all-new levels based on movie themes. Along side these levels are a further 20 levels for the adventurous to discover.

So. we are proud to present "Manic Miner in the Lost Levels"
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