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In Klondike when playing with a 2 or 3 card draw remember that there is a benefit to be gained by taking cards back off the foundation onto the tableaux. This can help you to avoid restocking the stock pile and losing more points. For example, if you have a 4 on the foundation and a 5 on a tableau and have turned a 3 onto the waste. You can take the 4 from the foundation and play that to the tableau, enabling you to move the 3 from the waste into play. Using this technique can enable you to clear a higher percentage of games.

If you have an ace on the waste pile that can be moved to either the foundation or a tableau, move it to the tableau first (scoring 5 points) and then to the foundation (scoring another 10 points). Moving directly to the foundation scores just 10 points (this is a quirk from the Windows version).

Blue Screen of Death
Leave the title screen alone for five minutes to activate this Easter Egg.

Foundation Quick Build
Seeing that all the high scores in the games are affected by the time you take to play them, turning 'Foundation Quick Build' on can be a real benefit in the final stages of a game. Once turned on, just touching cards will quickly launch them towards the foundation. Very handy in games like Klondike.

Many freecell games limit the amount of cards you can move at once based on the number of 'free cells'. Always look and plan ahead and try to keep at least one cell free (Tricky in 'Two Cells' variation). Moving a single card from the top of a tableau can often allow you to build further, so try an plan so that the card you moved to the cell can be returned to a tableau in the next few moves.

Layout Flip
If you are right handed and find you are always reaching across the screen to use the stock, at the start of a game, enter the options and turn on layout flip.

3 Finger Pause
In games like 'Repair' where cards fill the bottom screen it can be difficult to slide up the menu bar. In this case you can use 3 fingers on the screen to pause the game.